Strategic Investments

At Global Investments Group, we are committed to achieving investment excellence. As a result, we are associated with a diverse team of specialists with a great deal of experience as they are dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction.

As founders of Global Investments Group, we have assenbled a team that possess a profound understanding and the essense for innovation. Therefore, we are associated with Almaden, GMCS, Al Reyami Advocates & Muhyealdeen International Legal Consultants, Zarubezhneft and Albayraklar. Each of our partners are highly experienced with records of brilliance.

Almaden, conducts the development of renewable energy projects as they supply the overall solutions varying grom engineering, procurement, construction, project finance backed by Government support letters / PPA agreements, execution, operations and maintenance. Almaden is listed in China’s Stock Market with Y2.22 Billion Market Cap. In addition, GMCS group is a privately owned strategic investment group with network spread around the globe founded in 1988. They have addded a consulting practice in New York dedicated to sustainable development. Furthermore, Al Reyami Advocates & Muhyealdeen International Legal COnsultants is an intrnational law firm established in 2001 in UAE. The firm’s advocates possess an international outlook and stance which make it uniquely and outstandingly suitable to the modern legal practice. As for Zarubezhneft, is a Russian oil & gas company of strategic importance acting for the state’s benefit, consistently developing and possessing a rich history and unique experience of foreigh economic activity. And lastly, Albayraklar Defense Technologies Idustry Co. Our R & D team, consisting of Turkish scientists and academics, continues to work on national projects.

At Global Investments Groups, we value employees and ain to support and develop the professional and personal skills, We have build a team of successful investment professional who aspire to enhance their work environment with their diverse backgrounds and expertise.