Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa


Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa is a member of the royal family of the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Royal Al Khalifa family is the ruling monarchy of Bahrain since the 18th century.

Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Khalifa has been accredited with his educational background in Boston, USA, where he specialized in the field of business. He graduated with BA honors in Business Finance from Suffolk University School Business of Boston. Upon completion of his studies, he attained an MBA degree from Boston University.

Prior to his tenure as Chairman of Global Investments Group, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Khalifa has played a key role in developing project investment opportunities and in various companies in Bahrain. In 2006, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Khalifa was appointed Business Development Manager of Bahrain Development Bank.

Global Investments Group is in a joint partnership with Almaden MENA FZE, a Dubai-based manufacturer of state-of-the-art solar panel glass technology and a pioneer in Nano coating and Polyolefin technology.

Global Investments Group recently inked a partnership with Albayraklar Group of Companies, a Turkish construction company with business expansion in Solid Waste Management, Tourism, Transport, and Fuel Services. Global Investments Group is venturing with Zarubezhneft, a state-owned holding entity in Russia with assets and projects in various segments of oil and gas is recognized as finance partner to construct the phase 1 of the 1 Billion USD worth of 1 Giga Watt Solar Projects in the GCC, MENA, South America and Eastern Europe.